Crossing Lines~A Review



I really loved reading the first book in this Cops and Docs series so I made sure to get the second book as well. Crossing Lines by K.D. Williamson takes place immediately after Blurred Lines ends.

Things seem to be settling down for Detective Kelli McCabe and her family while her budding romance with Dr. Nora Whitmore is coming along nicely. Of course things are never going to be that easy for our favorite ladies. Pretty soon Kelli and Nora are dealing with drug abuse in the family, enemies intent on seeking revenge, and even murder. This also leads to strain on Kelli and Nora’s relationship that could tear them apart. This book will take you on a wild ride with an uncertain end for everyone.

Crossing Lines is an excellent sequel to the first book in the series. As I said above, I loved the first book, but I think I enjoyed this one even more. This really is a character driven novel. Both main characters grow in this book, but it was especially great seeing Nora develop in the story. There is actually quite a bit of angst in the tale, especially with all they have to go through. I enjoyed every minute of this story even with the angst, and I really believe you will as well.

I received an ARC from Ylva Publishing for an honest review.


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