Convergence~A Review

I have been looking forward to reading Convergence by Jane C. Esther. I enjoyed reading Uninvited, the first book in The Portal series last year and have been anticipating this second novel ever since.

The second book is a fitting continuation. It begins right after the first book ends. Olivia and Aerin are hopeful that the events they just experienced at Seneca Lake will be the last time they have to deal with aliens and the people who are trying to make a portal for them to come to Earth. Unfortunately one of those people, Stanton, is not giving up, and he has the power and means to force Aerin to help him.

I really enjoyed this story. It brings back all the characters we got to know and love in the first book with the addition of a couple of new characters. It still has that creepy, sci-fi feel to the story. I liked seeing Olivia and Aerin working toward being a couple again since it is so obvious they belong together. Of course, that is not a given outcome considering all the forces at work in the tale.

Ms. Esther has created another well written novel that gives us that scary other-world /aliens-among-us feeling mixed in with a really sweet romance. It is also a story that will hopefully make us think about how we treat those around us, especially those who some may think of as “different”. There are many depths to the overall story that I hope you’ll find as you read.

I will mention that this is not a good stand-alone novel. You really need to read both books in order if you want to understand the story. Fortunately, both novels are very good, and I can recommend both of them.

I received an ARC from NetGalley and Bold Strokes Books for an honest review.


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