Storm Lines~A Review

I have enjoyed reading Jessica L. Webb’s novels ever since I picked up the first book in the Kate Morrison Series. All of her books grab you, suck you in, and won’t let you go until the very last page. Even then, you don’t want to leave the story. This is also true for her newest novel, Storm Lines.

This story has all of the things I have come to expect in a story by Ms. Webb. It has a dark theme with an undercurrent of danger that runs through the story. In Storm Lines, this danger involves a designer drug ring in Southern Ontario, specifically Hamilton, Ontario. The two main characters, Bridget “Marley” Marlowe and Dr. Devon Wolfe end up working together to save a young child, Aimee and her grandmother Carla. Aimee’s father is deeply involved in the drug ring, and for some reason he wants Aimee back, badly.

One of Ms. Webb’s strengths as an author is creating her characters, especially the main characters. Marley and Devon are very realistic. You will connect with them and probably fall in love with them. I know I did. But they are also flawed, with quirks and weaknesses just like all of us. Ms. Webb also chose the perfect setting for this tale. She couldn’t have picked a better city than Hamilton. I am amazed at some of her descriptions, especially her description of Lake Ontario with a storm rolling across the water. She is spot on with the wind whipping at the characters and actually pushing them back across the beach. I’ve actually seen a line of rain moving across this lake; a grey curtain from the dark, rolling clouds down to water that looks like it is boiling with the frothy waves. She puts you right there on the beach with the characters as they watch, feel, and hear that storm moving toward them.

Though I’ve enjoyed all of Ms. Webb’s novels, I’ve always thought her best works are the three books in the Kate Morrison Series. I’ve now added a fourth novel to that list of books. I think that Storm Lines is just as wonderful as that series, and I strongly encourage you to read this novel.

I received an ARC from NetGalley and Bold Strokes Books for an honest review.


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