Keeper~A Review

The novel Keeper by Sydney Quinne really intrigued me. It caught my interest from the moment I saw the cover. It’s an absolutely gorgeous cover. Then I read the blurb, and I was hooked.

The story is a rather dark tale about people who can see the future in their dreams. Unfortunately, they seem to mostly dream about violent deaths. In this story there is an ancient organization that uses these dreamers to try and stop the violence. Isabelle Templeton is a very powerful dreamer. She is brought into the organization and teamed up with a keeper named Andy Bouchard who helps Isabelle through her dreams and then tries to stop the violence before it happens.

This is a very well-written tale. The author created the perfect setting and tone for the book. The characters are well developed, and I easily connected with both Andy and Isabelle. The story is quite intricate with lots of twists and turns, and several surprises as well. It definitely kept my interest all the way through the novel. There is also a budding romance between Andy and Isabelle that runs through the book. I understand why the author ended the story the way she did. It is a good ending, but I kind of wish there had been an epilogue to carry that romance just a bit further.

I believe this is Ms. Quinne’s debut novel. Considering how well-written this story is, I will definitely be looking for more of her writing. If you enjoy a good murder mystery with lots of intrigue, some romance, and maybe just a bit of the paranormal, then definitely try this book.

I received an ARC from NetGalley and Bold Strokes Books for an honest review.


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