Blue ~ A Review

I loved this book! Blue by Abigail Padgett hooked me on page one, and did not let me go until the very end. It is an excellently written murder mystery/romance novel by an extremely talented author.

The story is written in first person POV through the eyes of the main character, Dr. Blue McCarron…and boy is she a character! As a social psychologist, she has a unique perspective of the events and the people involved in the mystery, but she also has a quirky, snarky, and definitely humorous way of describing those events that makes her the perfect storyteller for this tale. Blue also has a vulnerable side that comes out through her words and actions. This makes it very easy to connect with and even fall in love with her. In fact, all of the characters in this book could be used as examples of how to develop the perfect characters for a story. They are all individuals uniquely developed for their role in the story with realism and depth. I’m actually in awe at how well the author created these people.

The mystery itself is another area where this novel shines. It is well written with plenty of suspense that gradually becomes more complex until you finally reach a surprising ending. In other words, it’s a great murder mystery that will keep your eyes glued to the pages.

You really must read this book. It is an exciting mystery with great characters, and with a lovely romance added to the tale. It has my highest recommendation.

I received an ARC from Bywater Books for an honest review.


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