Ice Queen ~ A Review

I love a romantic story with an ice queen as one of the main characters. It’s one of my favorite tropes, so when I saw the novel Ice Queen by Gun Brooke, I grabbed it right away. I’m happy I did because I really liked this tale.

This book tells the story of Susanna Durr, her daughter Cynthia (Cynt) and Aislin Kennedy. Susanna is the CEO of a major fashion conglomerate, but she’s having problems understanding her teenage daughter. Enter school counselor Aislin who met Cynt at a coffee shop one afternoon, and Susanna at a night club, where sparks erupted between the two strangers on the dance floor. Those sparks fly as they get to know each other, but both have had heartache in the past and are afraid to trust their hearts with the other.

This is not only an ice queen romance, but an age gap story as well. The two tropes go well together, and Ms. Brooke has done an excellent job incorporating these into the story. The main characters are all well developed. Cynt is written very realistically, trust me. I have years of experience with her age group.

This novel is part of the “Coffee Sonata Universe” series, and is set in the same world as the other books. This means a few of the secondary characters may be familiar to those of you who have read the other novels in the series. Happily, these stories are mostly self-contained in their own novels, so you can still enjoy this book even if you have not read the others yet. The other novels are equally good, so you will want to get the whole series anyway.

I recommend Ice Queen to anyone who loves a great age gap love story with an ice queen as a main character. I received an ARC from NetGalley and Bold Strokes Books for an honest review.

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