Closeness ~ A Review

I’m very pleased I decided to read Closeness by Y.L. Wigman. I didn’t realize that it would be filled with so many of the genres and tropes that I love to read.

This story takes us through three generations of women in the Coxall family and the ladies they loved. In effect, we are getting three romances in one novel through the eyes of the present day couple Duscha and Honor. Through Duscha, we learn the stories of Aunt Charlotte and her lover Sylvia, and Duscha’s Great Aunt Irene and her partner Ruby. With Irene and Ruby’s story, we get the chance to learn about the Australian and UK Suffragette Movement of the early 1900s. The reader is also given an idea of how same-gender couples had to live in a time when homosexuality was illegal and thought to be perversion. Women especially had to deal with being the responsibility (read, property) of their parents or husband. That part of the novel was especially fascinating to me even though it was hard to read sometimes.

With this book, we not only have three f/f romances, historical fiction, and family drama, there is also a small element of the paranormal.

I must mention the stunning cover created by Kayla Mancuso. The three colors she used in the cover (green, white, and violet) have a special significance in the story, but I’ll let you discover that as you read.

I totally enjoyed reading this novel. If you love a good romance coupled with history, drama, and a bit of the paranormal, then I think you’ll enjoy Closeness as well.

I received an ARC from NetGalley and Bella Books for an honest review.


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