You Again~A Review

I really enjoyed reading You Again by Aurora Rey. It had everything I was expecting to find. This is a second-chance-romance with just enough angst to make the story interesting. It is also a character driven tale which is my favorite kind of book.

The two main characters, Kate Cormier and Sutton Guidry, were high school sweethearts and deeply in love, but had a bad breakup in their late teens. Ten years later, Sutton is a successful businesswoman in Atlanta, and Kate is a single mom running her folks’ hardware store in their small hometown. Then Sutton returns home to help her father through surgery and the two meet up again.

While I connected with most of the characters quickly, I have to admit Kate’s daughter Harper stole my heart. She was a joy to get to know in these pages and really helped make the story a joy to read. I also liked the small town setting as well as the descriptions of New Orleans that the characters visited in the tale.

You Again is a wonderful, feel good, low angst read with beautiful and intelligent characters that will melt your heart, and an enchanting second-chance love story.

I received an ARC from NetGalley and Bold Strokes Books for an honest review.


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