Covenant~A Review

When I opened the first page of Covenant, the fourth book in The Jericho Series by Ann McMan, it felt like I was home again with all of my favorite family and friends. I’ve felt that way about all of the books in the Jericho series. The author just writes in a way that makes the story very personal to the reader.

This book picks up the story about six weeks after the novel Goldenrod ends. Mayor Gerald Watson, Dorothy Gayle’s father is dead, and the authorities are trying to figure out whether his death is an accident or murder. The questionable death and the resulting investigation causes obvious strain on the community as a whole, and especially the people who are the most involved. Life does go on though, and we get to see Syd and Maddie prepare for their wedding, with the help of David of course. A few new people have also come to town. There is always something happening in the town of Jericho.

It was so much fun to see all my favorite characters again. I’ve missed Syd, Maddie, Henry, Dorothy, Buddy, Roma Jean, David, Michael, and all the other wonderful and quirky characters Ms. McMan has created in this series. I want these people to be real. They feel like real folks to me, and have since the very first book.

I actually finished reading this novel several days ago, but waited to write this review because I wanted to figure out how to describe the brilliance of this author’s work. Her writing is so nuanced, so complex, but at the same time so easy to become immersed in. She loves to insert hidden patterns, little pearls of wisdom that add a whole new depth to the story. I personally love all the Southernisms I find scattered throughout the tale. These are phrases I’ve heard since I was a child growing up in the South. I’ve missed hearing them since I moved away, so reading them here makes the book very special to me.

There really is no way to tell you in one short review how wonderful this book is, this series, and this author’s work. Not only does this novel have my highest recommendation, this whole series does. Read these four books in order. You will be glad you did.

I received an ARC from Bywater Books for an honest review.


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