Chemistry Lessons~A Review

For those of you who enjoy reading friends-to-lovers stories, the next novel you should pick up is Chemistry Lessons by Jae. This is the third in a series of books all written in the same universe with the main characters from each story appearing in some fashion in the next novel. I really like the idea of these connected tales, and appreciated seeing characters I’ve bonded with in other novels still together and in love.

Leave it to a high school Science teacher to try to prove there is no “chemistry” between herself and her best friend of twenty plus years with a “Science experiment”. That is the premise of the romantic tale of chemistry teacher Regan Romano and school cafeteria worker Kylie Wells. The results of this experiment create a story that is sometimes humorous, always touching, and very romantic.

This is a slow-burn romance which this author is an expert at writing. I admire how Jae begins the story with a bit of…ahem…chemistry between the two main characters, and then we get to watch it grow slowly though the book adding just a bit of angst along the way to make the story more interesting. I’m a sucker for this type of novel.

She is also an expert at creating loveable characters that make the sweetest couples. Regan and Kylie are great examples of this. The secondary characters are quite memorable as well, especially since two of them, Denny and Eliza, are the couple from Jae’s novel, Wrong Number, Right Woman. It was really great seeing them still together and in love.

I thoroughly enjoyed this novel, as I have all of the books I’ve read by Jae. If you love slow-burn, friends-to-lovers, low angst romances, then make sure you read Chemistry Lessons. You can buy the book now at Ylva Publishing.

I received an ARC in exchange for an honest review.


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