Dead Lez Walking~A Review

The zombies are here! At least they are in a hospital in the city of Perth, Australia according to G. Benson’s latest novel Dead Lez Walking.

I love a good zombie apocalypse. I’ve watched the movies, read the graphic novels, and even viewed the television show until they killed off all my favorite characters. Now I can add this book to my list of favorite zombie stories.

This tale has all the elements we expect from this genre, from the heart-stopping “gotcha” moments to the gory “ew…gross” scenes. To make the story even better, the author has expertly woven a beautiful second-chance-romance into the plot. This is definitely not your usual lesbian romance, but the love story between Taren and Joy really works here.

There are a lot of characters in the book. We end up seeing the tale through the eyes of several of these folks. Normally, that would bother me, but the author did a great job fleshing out these characters and making sure the reader knew whose mind we were in. Most of the story takes place inside the hospital where the main characters work. I was impressed with the way the author described how the hospital descended into chaos as the virus spread through the wards and the building was locked down. With her words she shows you all the blood and gore, entrails and body parts, the bloody hand prints smeared across the walls…everything you expect from a building filled with creatures who want to eat you.

I had a blast reading this novel. It had everything I was looking for in an exceptional zombie apocalypse/romance story. I really hope there will be a sequel to this book because I don’t want to let this tale go. This book has my highest recommendation. You can get it at Amazon.

I received an ARC for an honest review.


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