Trial By Fire~A Review

With her newest novel, Trial by Fire, Carsen Taite has begun a wonderful new series. The series, which is titled “Courting Danger” is about the lives, loves, and stories of those who work in the different courthouses in Northern Texas, and specifically for this first story, in the Dallas County criminal courthouse. In this first book we have two women (Wren Bishop and Lennox Roy) who are on opposite sides of a high profile arson and possible murder case. Wren is a defense lawyer on loan to the county and Lennox is a prosecutor who puts her all into every case. You would think this scenario would keep them from forming any kind of friendship. It definitely doesn’t stop the chemistry forming between them.

This tale is exactly what I expect from a Carsen Taite courtroom drama. We have strong, realistic characters, a true to life courthouse setting, and an intriguing mystery that our characters must solve if there’s to be justice. Add a simmering romance between the two main characters, and you have everything you need for a great mystery/intrigue and romance novel. For those of you familiar with Taite’s “Crime & Defense” series, you will find some familiar faces as secondary characters since this book is set in the same universe as that series. I love it when authors add these Easter eggs to their stories.

I totally enjoyed reading this first book in the “Courting Danger” series. I look forward to the next novel.

I received an ARC from NetGalley and Bold Strokes Books for an honest review.

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