The Awkward Truth~A Review

The first book I ever read by Lee Winter was The Brutal Truth. I fell in love with her writing because of that novel. After that, I read every book and short story I could find of hers, and adored each & every tale. My favorites list is filled with her stories and now has a new addition with the latest novel by Ms. Winter, The Awkward Truth.

This is a “sidequel” of sorts (a term coined by Shannon Luchies for the author) since the books are set in the same universe and the same time period. With The Awkward Truth, we get to read the story of Felicity Simmons. Felicity is driven to be the best at her job, and to make it to the top of her field. She went from being the Chief of Staff at Bartell Corp to deputy COO for the company. Now she is about to become acting COO…the very top and most powerful position she can achieve in the company. Then the owner, Elena Bartell sends her out to investigate a charity that helps homeless people’s pets. There she meets veterinarian Dr. Sandy Cooper. Cooper is the total opposite to Felicity. Cooper is a soft-butch Amazon-sized vet with a heart of gold and a love for all animals. Felicity is a prim-and-proper ice-queen businesswoman, laser focused on her career. They seem to have nothing in common…except that chemistry that seems to grow each time they meet.

This is the perfect opposites attract, ice-queen romance with lovable characters (both human and animal), discussions of serious real life issues, and a minor mystery that is well written into the story. The tale is heartwarming, heartbreaking, hilarious, sarcastic, and romantic. It has everything you expect from a Lee Winter novel, and more.

You can read The Awkward Truth as a standalone novel if you wish, but I’m absolutely sure that once you do, you will want to read The Brutal Truth as well so you might as well get them both. They have my highest recommendation.

I received an ARC from Ylva Publishing for an honest review.


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