Fool For Love~A Review

Fool for Love by Rachael Sommers is a second-chance, small town romance with a thread of angst that pretty much runs through most of the story. I actually love these tropes in my romance novels. That little kernel of angst and the, “Will they resolve their bad feelings and fall in love again?” question always keeps me reading. This novel did exactly that.

Chloe Roberts is going back to the village she grew up in, not to live there, but to renovate her old family home so she can sell it. Her biggest hope is that she can get in, do the repairs as quickly as possible and leave before she sees her childhood best friend, first love, and first major heartbreak, Amy. Unfortunately for Chloe, Amy is living and running her family’s dairy farm right next door…in sight of Chloe’s house. Avoiding Amy in such a small village is going to be impossible, but can the two get over past hurts to at least become friends again?

I did enjoy this book. The characters are well developed, and I can see the chemistry between Chloe and Amy, especially as they spend more and more time together. I also liked the secondary characters, from Chloe’s current best friend Naomi and her family, to some of the villagers we meet in the tale. The village setting is great for this type of story, and the author did a good job creating this backdrop for Chloe and Amy’s reunion.

I really only have one problem with the novel, and that is the ending. It is rather abrupt. I honestly kept looking to see if there was one more chapter or epilogue that I missed. It felt unfinished…almost open-ended. I’m hoping this may be because the author is planning a second novel about Naomi, the best friend. I could see that happening, and will be looking forward to reading Naomi’s story if it does.

I received an ARC from Ylva Publishing for an honest review.


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