Deadly Secrets~ A Review

I definitely liked Deadly Secrets by V.K. Powell. I’ve always been an avid romance reader, but when the author adds in a good dose of mystery and intrigue, the story becomes even better. Top it off with some thrilling danger for the protagonists and set them in close quarters, and you have a novel I am eager to read. That is exactly what the author has given us.

In this novel, our main characters become embroiled in corporate espionage when Jana Elliot is presented with evidence that the company she works for, Alumicor, is breaking the law, damaging the climate, and causing their workers to become sick and die. When Jana begins to suspect she is being followed, she turns to her friends Bennett and Kerstin Carlyle. Bennett convinces Jana to hire newly retired Special Ops Agent Rafe (Rafaella) Silva as a bodyguard until the danger is past. Thus begins an exciting adventure that could also lead to love.

This story is set in the ‘Fairview Station Series’ universe, so those of you who have read the series will recognize many of the secondary characters. The setting of the book is in and around Greensboro, North Carolina as well as the Carlyle vacation house on Badin Lake. An area especially well-described by the author. Rafe and Jana are well-developed. I sometimes wondered about some of Jana’s actions, but they actually fit her character and who she is in the book. The plot is well paced, and there was no lag in the tale.

I totally enjoyed this novel. I recommend it to all who love their mystery and romance all mixed together. I received an ARC from NetGalley and Bold Strokes Books for an honest review.


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