Over The Moon With You~A Review

I’m glad I was able to read Over the Moon With You by Jaime Clevenger. This novel has just about everything I could ask for in a WLW romance. In this adorable love story we have two beautiful main characters as well as a secondary group of folks that includes some spicy elderly ladies. I want to be one of those ladies when I get to be their age. To add even more to the adorable factor in this tale, we have cute and cuddly animals, including baby cows…just born baby cows.

Paige Dannenberg is a veterinarian in the small town of Davis, but she ends up teaching her mother’s water aerobics class after her mother breaks her tailbone…yes, her coccyx bone, and you must read the conversation Page has with her mother. This is how Paige meets Serendipity (Seren) Winters. Seren is going to be a single mom in about five months and has been encouraged to take the class for exercise. They don’t exactly have the perfect first meeting, but there is definitely an interest kindled between the two. If they can just get over the hurdles in the way of true love.

These characters are so well-developed, you almost expect them to step out of the book and begin a conversation with you. The small town/rural setting is also well-described. The love story will melt your heart, and the lovable animals (Did I mention the baby cows?) will finish the heart-melting. This really is a beautiful character-driven romance, but I expect nothing less from Jaime Clevenger.

I loved this novel and recommend it to all romance readers and animal lovers.

I received an ARC from NetGalley and Bella Books for an honest review.


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