Transistor ~ A Review

After reading three novels by Molly J. Bragg, I’ve learned one important fact. Ms. Bragg is an exceptional story teller. For proof, I only have to point to her most recent book, Transistor.

The narrative begins with the main character, Naomi Woodward finally going through her gender confirmation surgery. Her doctor had recommended her for a very special clinical trial, and thankfully the surgery was a complete success. Now Naomi has the body and face to match the woman she knows she is. It still takes some time and courage for Naomi to ask her neighbor Anika out on a date, but she finally does, and is over the moon when Anika accepts. The dinner is a success, at least until they are attacked on the way home. This is when Naomi suddenly finds out her surgery gave her a few more powers than just a new body and face. Thus begins an adventure that will have Naomi and Anika joining a Superhero, a Dragon, an artificial intelligence residing in Naomi’s body (one of the unexpected outcomes of her surgery), and the Devil himself. Together, they must keep Anika from being killed by a rogue archangel and stop a second civil war in heaven.

This novel is the second in the ‘Hearts of Heroes’ series, and I believe it’s just as great as the first book. All of the characters are engaging and easy to connect with. I especially bonded with Naomi. She had so much to overcome in her life, and yet she has accomplished so much. The author did an excellent job developing all of these characters, but especially Naomi. The sci-fi and fantasy elements fit in flawlessly with the overall story. I also enjoyed seeing a few characters from Scatter, the first book in the series, joining the crew helping Naomi and Anika. It’s a good way to show the two stories are written in the same universe.

I had great fun reading this book. I will be looking eagerly for new stories in the series and from this author. This book actually can be read as a standalone, but I would encourage you to get both Scatter and Transistor, and read them in order. You will be glad you did.

I received an ARC for an honest review.

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