Hard Pressed~A Review

As soon as I saw the title of Aurora Rey’s newest novel, I was sure I wanted to read this book. The name Hard Pressed as well as the cover of the book made me think this narrative might be in the same universe as Ms. Rey’s last novel, Greener Pastures. I really enjoyed the first novel, and I’m happy to say that Hard Pressed is a good companion story.

First of all, Hard Pressed is a fine stand-alone novel. This is an enemies-to-lover’s workplace romance that tells about the love story of Mira Lavigne, the COO of Pomme d’Or, a large and prosperous cider company, and Dylan Miller, the co-owner of a small but growing cider company called Forbidden Fruit Cider. These two women seem to have very little in common even though both are in the cider making business. These differences cause them to clash from the moment they meet. Their differences become even more apparent when the two are selected as co-chairs for the annual Cider Association’s Cider Week.

I remember Dylan from the first book, and I’m glad she is being given her own love story. I had a little trouble at first seeing Dylan and Mira together. These two characters are very opposite in their outlook and personalities, but then again, the opposites-attract trope is very popular.  Their love story is quite steamy at times. This author does steamy quite well.

I enjoyed revisiting this world and getting to see a character I liked find her own happy-ever-after. I recommend this book to all who love a good enemies-to-lover’s, opposites-attract romance.

I received an ARC from NetGalley and Bold Strokes Books for an honest review.


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