Osprey Calling ~ A Review

Ellen Hoil has created a gem of a story with her novel Osprey Calling. I loved every minute of this charming second-chance-at-love romance.

This book tells the story of Nicole Moreno, a socially awkward wildlife photographer who ends up in her hometown doing a photo shoot for a new book about wildlife in the area. She has not set foot in this town for over thirty years, and for good reason. There really is no one in this town she wants to see again, with maybe one exception, her high school crush, Michele. But Michele has probably forgotten Nicole ever existed, right?

I really like the fact that the two main characters are in their late forties. We don’t see enough stories with mature folks falling in love. The tale is quite angst-heavy, mainly due to Nicole’s past that she is forced to confront when she comes back to town. The author did a wonderful job creating this character and showing why she ended up the person we see in the narrative. I actually wondered how Nicole and Michele would end up together since they are such opposite personalities, but again, the author did a great job showing how these characters work together. Their love story is very heartwarming.

The setting of the book is well described. Since Nicole is a wildlife photographer, the setting became an important part of the overall story. I was captivated the descriptions of Nicole photographing the ospreys and eagles.

I thoroughly enjoyed reading Osprey Calling. I recommend it to all romance lovers.

I received an ARC for an honest review.


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