Breaking The Rules – A Review



‘Breaking the Rules’ by Larkin Rose is one hot, non-traditional type of romance about two women, both of whom have sworn off love and commitment, though for very different reasons. Firefighter Carmen Johnson believes she is cursed to die as a firefighter and refuses to leave a grieving widow to mourn for her. Virginia (Gin) Ward had her heart broken in the past by a former lover and no longer really believes in happy ever after, especially with so-called heroes in uniform. The two dislike each other almost the moment they meet, but the chemistry between the two blazes so hot it is a wonder the pages of the book don’t burst into flame.

This is one hot steamy, raw, sexy and erotic romance. This is not a Princess Charming and her damsel in distress kind of story. These characters are way too strong-willed and opinionated for that. The story is bold, straightforward, and a good read. I liked the setting/background to this story. There’s a good reason for that. I am a former South Carolinian, and once lived in the area that Larkin Rose more than likely based this story’s setting on. That is probably why the setting feels so real to me.

This is my first Larkin Rose book, but not my last, and I hope she continues to write many more tales. I really liked this story, and can recommend this one if you love strong characters and sexy romance.

I received a free ARC from Net Galley and Bold Strokes Publishing for an honest review.

You can find this novel at Bold Strokes Books


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