Meant To Be Me~A Review



Meant to be Me by Wendy Hudson is definitely one of those psychological thrillers that you might want to read in the light of day or with all the lights on in your house. I must admit I didn’t read the blurb completely, so I was a bit surprised when I realized this was truly a suspense filled novel. I am glad that I did choose to read this book.

The main character in the story is Darcy Harris, a very sweet, kind and trusting woman who works as an engineer for a company in Inverness, Scotland. Darcy should have a nice and comfortable life, except for two problems. In spite of her looking, she can’t seem to find “the one,” a partner that she could fall in love with. All of her attempts to find this person seem to end in no show first dates. Her other problem is more sinister. She has a stalker. Most of the stalker’s acts so far have been limited to sending notes, gifts and stalking her online social media, but still remains uncaught by the police.

Darcy is aware of how such people can escalate to more dangerous acts, and this is terrifying to her. Her best friend and boss Anja Olsen is always there to help her through her trials though, and Darcy also meets an intriguing stranger by accident at the beginning of the story. Eilidh Grey attracts Darcy’s interest almost immediately, but is it safe to trust a stranger she meets on the street when she has a stalker always nearby? Eilidh also has her own problems from her past that intrude into the story.

I won’t mention anything else from the tale, because I don’t want to ruin it for any potential readers. This tale begins a bit slow, but quickly intensifies about halfway through. Ms. Hudson has done an excellent job creating the intrigue and  fear that anyone would feel living through this situation. The romance is a slow-burn with the sex being of the fade-to-black sort, which is fine in this type of story. Even though I was not expecting to read a mystery/psychological thriller when I began this book, I really enjoyed it. If you love mystery and suspense filled stories, you will also like Meant to be Me.

 I receive an ARC from Ylva Publishing for an honest review.


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