Falling ~ A Review



Wow! I knew I wanted to read Falling by Kris Bryant when I heard about the book several months ago. Ms. Bryant is an exceptional author, so I had high hopes that this would be a really good story. I am very pleased to tell you that this novel has exceeded all of my expectations.

The story is told in first person narrative which makes the beginning even more compelling and terrifying since you will experience a major plane crash through the eyes and other senses of the main character, Shaylie Beck. This tragic accident changes not only Shaylie’s life but those around her as well. It also leads her to meet Piper Cole. Piper lost loved ones in the crash as well. Shaylie, her best friend Marisa, Jason (the man who pulled Shaylie out of the plane wreckage), and Piper meet at a survivors group therapy session. This leads to all of them forming a friendship and then maybe more as the story continues. There is a secret that Shaylie keeps from Piper though, and this secret could end up causing a lot of heartache.

Ms. Bryant is changing my view of first person narrative. I normally don’t like to read this POV because it can be limiting. It is a hard narrative to write in, but Ms. Bryant is an expert and gives the reader everything they need through Shaylie. This novel could be used as a textbook example on how to write in this point of view.

Falling is one of the best stories I’ve read so far this year and is definitely going into my favorites folder. It is a wonderful and heartwarming story that you really do not want to miss.

I received an ARC from NetGalley and Bold Strokes Books for an honest review.


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