The Wrong McElroy~A Review



The Wrong McElroy by K.L. Hughes is an adorably hilarious story. This is what all romantic comedies should aspire to be.

The tale revolves around Fiona Ng and her best friend Michael McElroy. Michael needs a pretend girlfriend to take home to his family for Christmas vacation. He hopes this will stop his family from bugging him the whole holiday about finding “someone special”. They’ll never have to know that Fiona is a lesbian, right?

The best way to describe the McElroy clan is to say they are like muggle Weasleys on steroids with all the jokes, competitive games and family love you can imagine wrapped up in a huge red headed, freckled, and charmingly Southern package. There is one McElroy daughter that really catches Fiona’s eye, though, and it looks like Lizzie, one of Michael’s younger sisters, might be looking back. This could cause some problems for Michael, Fiona, Lizzie, and everyone else.

This is a funny, cute and lovely holiday romance that will leave you smiling and feeling good. It is just the right length for an easy and fun read with some angst, just to break up the laughter a bit. If you need a good book that will cheer you up, grab this one. It definitely made my day brighter.

I received an ARC from Ylva Publishing for an honest review.


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