A Year In The Kitchen ~ A Review




I believe this is the very first time I have ever reviewed a recipe book, but I’m very glad that A Year in the Kitchen with R.G. Emanuelle written by R.G. Emanuelle is my first. This is a collection of recipes that you may recognize as recipes included in Dirt Road Books’ first year of newsletters.

I couldn’t have picked a better recipe book to review, for several reasons. First, not only is Ms. Emanuelle an author with Dirt Road Books, she is also a trained chef, so when she writes about food and recipes, she is writing about what she knows. Second, the recipes are easy to follow with ingredients that can easily be found. You don’t have to hike up the tallest mountain to find the stamen of the rare and elusive snowflake flower to garnish your main course. (Just kidding, there is no such flower…I think.) Third, the recipes and cocktails sound absolutely delicious, and I can’t wait to try them. The best reason for buying this book, however, is that all of the proceeds from the sale of this book will be donated to the Oregon Food Bank. This particular food bank has partnered with agencies that make it easier for LGBTQ+ folks who are in need to gain access to food. This means that not only are you getting a collection of fabulous recipes, but your money is going to benefit people in need. So buy this book. Buy several of them and gift them to your family and friends. Then enjoy the good food and the great feeling you get from helping others.

Get your copy of this book here.

I received a review copy from Dirt Road Books for an honest review.




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