Quest For Redemption~A Review

QuestFor Redemption


Quest for Redemption by Jessie Chandler is an interesting read, though it is also quite different from the blurb that comes with the novel. This book actually tells about the life of Mikala Flynn from her teens in the early 2000’s until 2016. A good half of this novel is what I would consider a young adult book, and a very good one I would add. Its main purpose is to give the reader the information they need to understand Flynn’s choices and what happens in the second half of the book.

The second half is where the blurb comes into play. Flynn is now home from her job as a special agent in the National Protection and Investigation Unit. She is suffering from PTSD and all its symptoms as she tries to reintegrate back into everyday life. It is not easy and causes a lot of angst for her and those around her.

This is a well-written story, though at times it is hard to read. I kept wanting to slap Flynn on the back of her head and yell at her to open her eyes and see what she is missing. This means, of course, that I became invested in her which shows how well Ms. Chandler developed that character.

I liked the overall story. It is well written with realistic characters and plot. It felt a bit like I was reading two different books sometimes, which confused me for a while, but I eventually saw the connection.

I do need to mention a couple of trigger warnings. There is a part concerning 9/11 in the first half of the novel. In the second half, there is a lot about PTSD and its symptoms. If either of these would cause problems, I suggest you try another of Ms. Chandler’s novels. Otherwise, if you like a good angsty novel about a young woman growing up and overcoming some pretty big life traumas, try this book.

I received an ARC from NetGalley and Bella Books for an honest review.



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