From The Ashes~A Review

I have been looking forward to reading From the Ashes by Stacy Lynn Miller since I read her first Manhattan Sloan novel, Out of The Flames back in April. I fell in love with Sloan, Finn, and all the other characters in this story while reading the first book, and I wanted more, especially since the story didn’t completely end with the first novel. I’m happy to say I loved this book as much as the first one.

In this second tale, we find Sloan still struggling with her grief over her wife’s death as she also deals with her growing love for Finn. Nothing is ever easy for Sloan and Finn, since the head of the drug cartel they battled in the first book is now looking for revenge, and he’s quite willing to target Sloan and Finn’s loved ones.

This is an action-packed story with a complex plot. Most of the characters in this book were introduced in the first, one so they are already well developed and we learn more about the different members of the drug cartel and their motivations. This is definitely a character-driven tale, and Ms. Miller has done an excellent job of creating realistic characters, both good and bad.

 I enjoyed seeing the romance grow between Sloan and Finn, even with all the obstacles that could come between them. The author did a wonderful job weaving this romance into all the action and suspense in the overall story.

As I mentioned above, this book is the second in the Manhattan Sloan series and takes up where the first novel, Out of the Flames ended. These books really need to be read together and in order to get the most enjoyment out of the story. I highly recommend both novels, though, so get them both. You won’t be disappointed.

I received an ARC from NetGalley and Bella Books for an honest review.


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