Night Tide~A Review

I am so glad I had the chance to read Night Tide by Anna Burke. This is the second novel in the “A Seal Cove Romance” series. I loved the first book, but I think this one is even better.

This is the story of Lillian Lee and Ivy Holden. Lillian is a veterinarian at the Seal Cove Vet Clinic. Her life is not bad even though her long distance boyfriend just broke up with her…that is until she finds out fellow veterinarian Ivy Holden has been hired to fill a vacancy at the clinic. Lillian has hated Ivy with a passion since the moment they met in college, and Ivy has always felt the same. Ivy says she has come back to Maine to be close to her family, but is that the only reason? Now the two must work together and try to avoid killing each other.

It has been said that love and hate are the two most powerful emotions humans can have. There is also a very thin line between these two passions. That is the basis for an enemies-to-lovers tale, and this book is a classic example of this. The sparks between these two main characters are instant and intense, and only grow as they interact in the story, but are those sparks caused by hatred or some other equally strong emotion? Ms. Burke did a fabulous job with these characters. I was hooked by their story from the first page. The setting is stunning and only adds to the beauty of the story.

This is an emotional tale that will grab your heartstrings and tug at them all the way through the book. This novel took me on a wave filled emotional ride that I thoroughly enjoyed.

Night Tide is the second novel in the “A Seal Cove Romance” series. Honestly, you could read this book as a standalone, but I think you would be missing out if you did since Spindrift, the first book in the series, is also a wonderful read. I urge you to get both books and read them in order. Then we can all wait impatiently for the next book in the series.

I received an ARC from Bywater Books for an honest review.


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