Opposites Attract~A Review

Opposites Attract: Butch/Femme Romances is a delightful collection of three novellas by Aurora Rey, Angie Williams, and Meghan O’Brien. With three such accomplished writers, I figured I would definitely enjoy these stories, and I was totally right.

Each of these tales showcases the authors’ versions of a butch/femme match. In ‘Follow Her Lead’ by Aurora Rey we have the corporate venture capitalist falling for her private dance instructor. ‘Just as You Are’ by Angie Williams has two rather unorthodox personalities since the two main characters don’t have stereotypical butch/femme personas. Meghan O’Brien’s ‘An Epiphany in Flannel’ has her main characters portraying what most of us would think of as your typical butch/femme pairing with a handsome truck driver falling for a very feminine waitress.

I loved all three novellas. Each story is special in its own way, and there is no way I would try to pick a favorite. They are all entertaining tales with well-developed and engaging characters, well-paced plot lines and beautiful love stories. Best of all, each novella is short enough to read in one sitting. Honestly, I would love to read more about these couples, and I think you might feel the same after you read them as well.

I received an ARC from NetGalley and Bold Strokes Books for an honest review.


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