Swift Vengeance~A Review

I love a good psychological thriller, especially if it comes with a lovely romance. Add in a touch of the paranormal and a really creepy murderer, and you have Swift Vengeance by Jean Copeland, Jackie D., and Erin Zak.

There are actually two lesbian couples in this novel. The two main characters are Brittany and Toni. Brittany is recovering from a motorcycle accident that almost killed her, and Toni is trying to get over the trauma of her girlfriend leaving her. The other couple in the story is Toni’s aunt Leslie and her partner Alice who have reconnected after many years apart. Leslie and Alice now run a pub called Second Wave on Swift Island, an LGBTQ+ summer vacation spot. All four women end up meeting at the pub, but there is another person on Swift Island that is there to kill someone…and Brittany seems to be connected to this killer in some paranormal fashion.

This tale is definitely a page turner. The three authors did an excellent job of creating a story filled with tension, psychological thrills, and danger. Then they expertly wove not one, but two love stories into the book. All of the characters are well-developed, and the setting is gorgeous. I want to go to a vacation spot like Swift Island, minus the killer of course.

The way the story is written, we get to see inside the heads of not only Brittany and Toni, but the murderer as well. I’m not sure which author wrote the killer’s thoughts, but whoever it was, they did a magnificent job. I had chills reading those sections. It really showcased the hatred, danger, and insanity inside this person.

If you are looking for a dramatic, dangerous, tension-filled read with not one but two romantic couples and a touch of the paranormal, then Swift Vengeance might be the book for you. I enjoyed it, chills and all. I received an ARC from NetGalley and Bold Strokes Books for an honest review.

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