Sliced Ice~A Review

I have really been looking forward to reading Sliced Ice by Lee Winter, and I’m so glad it is finally in my possession. This is a collection of short stories that Ms. Winter has written over the years. A few have appeared in other anthologies while others have been given out to her fans online. Most of the stories are about characters we have come to know and like (or love) from her best-selling novels. At least one is an original tale with all new characters.

 I have to admit I’ve already read most of these stories with the exception of one brand new story based on a secondary character from Hotel Queens. That didn’t stop me from reading each and every one again with joy. My favorite ice queens, and the people who have melted their hearts are in some of these tales. We get a glimpse into how these characters are doing once the novel ends or in a few cases before or during the book.  These stories will excite, entertain, and tug at your heart. This collection is in my favorites, and will be a book I’ll reach for again and again.

I received an ARC from Ylva Publishing for an honest review.


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