Save The Date~A Review

This seems to be the month for anthologies since I seem to have several in my TBR pile including Save the Date, a collection of short stories written by Jaime Clevenger, Kay Acker, Louise McBain, Tagan Shepard, Celeste Castro, Dillon Watson, Cade Haddock Strong, Kate Gavin, M.B. Guel, Jessie Chandler, and E.J. Noyes. What all these stories have in common (besides being written by excellent authors) is they all have something to do with  weddings. How appropriate for June, the month of weddings.

I enjoyed reading most of the stories, but I have to admit a couple of them really stood out for me. Jaime Clevenger’s “New at Love” about a shy maid of honor and the seamstress who saves the day for the bride just melted my heart. It is just one of those uplifting tales that makes you happy to have read it.

My favorite short story of the anthology is “Something (Really) Old” by E.J. Noyes. This short story is a mini sequel to her novel Reaping the Benefits. I had a blast seeing Jane and Morgan again, especially the day before (and the day of) their wedding. Things are never boring when one of the brides is Death’s Head Minion.

With eleven different tales by the same number of very talented authors, I’m sure everyone will find a story or two (or maybe eleven) they will fall in love with. I’m glad I had the chance to read all of these short stories. I’m giving this anthology a rating of 3.75 stars and moving it to four stars overall. I received an ARC from NetGalley and Bella Books for an honest review.

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