All That Remains~A Review

All That Remains by Sheri Lewis Wohl is an OK read, though I don’t think it’s one of her best paranormal novels. This is tale of a werewolf/psychological murderer and the two women who try to stop him. Johnnie Lancaster, a search and rescue volunteer along with her dog Cougar, and Dr. Shantel Kind, a forensic anthropologist end up working together to find the person responsible for all the bodies being uncovered in the woods…and there are lots of bodies. They face danger, romance and a killer who is closer to them than they first believe.

We know who the killer/werewolf is by the end of the first chapter. The mystery in this story is more who he is going to kill and how or if he will be found. We see the story through the POV of all three characters in every chapter. While this gives the reader different viewpoints to the same scene, with Johnnie and Shantel, those views often ended up being repetitive, this in turn caused certain parts of the story to lag.

Believe it or not, the best parts of the book for me are when we see the tale through the eyes of the killer. Ms. Wohl has this unique (and scary) ability to project a truly frightening psychotic killer’s thoughts and desires. She has sent chills up my spine more than once in past novels and also with this character.

There is a romance between Johnnie and Shantel that is actually a refreshing break from the mystery surrounding the murders. They make a nice couple. I just wish there had been a little more of this romance shown in the tale.

Overall, this is an average paranormal thriller involving murders, a werewolf, and a bit of romance. I’m giving this book a 3.5 star rating.

I received an ARC from NetGalley and Bold Strokes Books for an honest review.


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