Walk Between Worlds~A Review

I am very glad that I was given the chance to read Walk Between Worlds by debut novelist Samara Breger. This book turned out to be a fantastic read, and it’s even in a genre I don’t normally choose.

The story is compelling, intriguing, mysterious, and romantic with an underlying wittiness that sometimes had me laughing out loud. There is also a fair dose of angst scattered throughout the tale that kind of brings you back to the seriousness of the overall story.

The setting of this world initially seems to be similar to our medieval times with the addition of magic and fair folk that turns this medieval mystery and intrigue into a truly entertaining fantasy.

The characters, especially Scratch, James, Brella and Vel really make this story special. They are very unorthodox heroes with quirks that are both endearing and hilarious. Scratch especially is an important character because a huge part of this tale is about her finding her place in the world.  I loved how LGBT folk seemed to be accepted as the norm in this world, and the romance between Scratch and Brella as well as James and Vel was lovely to see in the tale.

The book has an open ending with much of the story left for the future, so I’m assuming (and hoping) that there will be another novel coming later on. If there is, I will definitely want to read it.

I received an ARC from Bywater Books for an honest review.


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