Leveling Up ~ A Review

Leveling Up by Jazzy Mitchell is an enjoyable age gap/ice queen/second chance romance. It is also quite steamy at times, and definitely fun to read.

This is the story of Clarke Parson, a graphic design artist and animator, and Fran Silvetti, the CEO of Haboob Software, a company Clarke worked for six years before as an intern. Both Fran and Clarke had feelings for each other during that time, but Fran, especially refused to acknowledge those feelings. The age difference as well as workplace complications made it impossible in her eyes. Six years later Clarke is back, though, with the news that Haboob is about to launch a game that had been stolen from Clarke’s computer. Fran is determined not to let this opportunity to win Clarke’s love pass by, and sets her sights on doing just that. The only question is whether Clarke is willing to grab this second chance.

You would think that with the length of time these two were separated and why, there would be a lot of angst in this tale, but I found the overall story to be fairly low angst. Sure, there is the question of will they overcome their past heartbreak and let their love for each other bring them together, but that is the fun part of this book…reading to see if and how that happens. I connected with the characters and could easily see the chemistry the two have together. The author also did a good job of describing what the two do for a living in terms that this non-gamer understood (sort of) what was happening.

This is the type of romance that I would read when I want to leave the real world for a bit and enjoy seeing two people fall in love. It is short enough to read in a day or two, and romantic enough to make you happy you read the book. You can get a copy from Desert Palm Press.

I received an ARC for an honest review.


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