Trial and Error~A Review

Trial and Error by Carsen Taite is one of the novels I’ve been looking forward to. This is the second book in the “Courting Danger Romances”. I enjoyed the first edition in the series, Trial by Fire, and I’m pleased to report that I liked this one as well.

The story really starts off with a bang…almost literally. Judge Nina Aguilar’s courtroom suddenly becomes a shooting gallery right after she enters the courtroom and moments after Nina spots someone special from her past. Franko (Frances) Rossi had been Nina’s first love, but there was a bad breakup between them almost twenty years ago. Now Attorney Rossi is back and it looks like she may be defending a suspect in Nina’s court…if they both survive the shooting.

This tale is not only a slow-burn, reunion romance, but it has two mysteries that create quite a bit of intrigue and thrills in the story. One of the mysteries is carried over from the first book and involves Wren and Lennox, the main characters in Trial by Fire, and secondary characters in this novel. The other involves Franco’s client who is charged with murdering his girlfriend, the daughter of a very rich and powerful man.  The major setting for both novels is the Dallas courthouse and the surrounding area and is well described in both books. The characters are all well-developed. Including folks I am already familiar with, which made everything more realistic in this tale. There was the perfect amount of angst in the love story of Franco and Nina, and the romance fits nicely with the mysteries.

This book does have an open ending. Not everything is finished in this tale, but luckily there is at least one more novel in the series, and it will be out this September. This is not a good standalone novel. You need to read these two stories in order. Then we will all be ready for the next book coming soon.

I received an ARC from NetGalley and Bold Strokes Books for an honest review.

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