Chaos Agent ~ A Review

Chaos Agent by Lee Winter is the sequel to The Fixer and the second book in “The Villains Series”. I absolutely loved The Fixer and gave it my highest recommendation. Now that I’ve read Chaos Agent, I’m even more impressed.

The sequel begins where the first novel leaves off. CEO of The Fixers, Michelle Hastings, has hired Eden Lawless as a new employee to the company. The problem is, Eden doesn’t know what The Fixers really does. She has no idea that most of the work they do for their rich and powerful clients would be considered evil. In fact, this is the type of business Eden has spent most of her life protesting. Now Michelle must somehow keep Eden from finding out the truth about the business she works for. Michelle also has to hide that very inconvenient and annoying attraction she has for Eden. That shouldn’t be hard for a heartless ice queen like Michelle Hastings, right?

This is an awesome sequel to a wonderful novel. It has intrigue, mystery, angst, and romance. As in the first book, the setting and the secondary characters really help make the story great. I became almost as connected to some of these characters as I did with Eden and Michelle. The author did an excellent job creating and making all of these folks feel real to the reader. In fact, I kind of wish I could meet Phelim O’Brian (a Fixer enforcer) and his family. I also want to sit down with Michelle’s Safta Hannah to talk food and recipes. That’s how real they became to me.

Chaos Agent is an exceptionally well-written and exciting tale. It is not a standalone novel, but should be read after The Fixer. The two books together tell a fantastic story you do not want to miss. I received an ARC from Ylva Publishing for an honest review.


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