Paper Love – A Review


‘Paper Love’ by Jae is a cute and enjoyable workplace romance that is typical of most of Jae’s slow burn romances. It is just the type of book that I would take to the beach or out in the garden to lose myself for a while in a love story.
The story is about Susanne Wolff, a currently unemployed business consultant who is sent across the country to the small city of Freiburg to help save her uncle’s failing stationary store. She is not happy about this for several reasons including the fact she is a totally digital loving person, she knows nothing about selling stationary, and has no desire to be in Freiburg any longer than she absolutely has to. When she does get to her uncle’s store called Paper Love, she meets Uncle Norbert’s only full time employee, Anja Lamm. Of course sparks fly from the very first meeting and we have our sweet romance really begin.
While I would have to say that this is not the best book I have read of Jae’s, it does have many good qualities. One of them is the setting of the story. Freiburg is Jae’s hometown and her descriptions of the city and surrounding area are superb. She made me want to run out and buy a ticket to Freiburg so I could see these places for myself. I also learned quite a bit about the stationary business and especially the specialty pens that are very expensive. I do love to smell the pages of a good notebook or journal, especially the leather bound ones so I could relate to that also. And I loved the names she gave the main characters (Wolff and Lamm).
I did enjoy the book. I believe it would make a good summer/vacation type of read for those of you who love a good light workplace romance.

You can find Paper Love at the publisher’s website


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