Heart’s Surrender – A Review



Four Stars!

‘Heart’s Surrender’ by Emma Weimann is a lovely and heartwarming romance that was a pleasure to read. This is the type of book that I call a feel good story with just the right amount of angst to keep you reading until the end.
The story is about Samantha (Sam) Freedman, a butch handy-woman who has been out and on her own since she was seventeen when most of her family rejected her for being gay, and Gillian Jennings, a wealthy widow with two young children who realized even before her cheating husband died that she was attracted to women. The two meet on a one night stand and eventually decide to begin a hidden relationship. Of course that can’t last in a romance like this and much happens from there.
I loved the main characters and could easily see the connection between the two women. The evil mother-in-law was perfect as the villain in the book, and she as well as the other minor characters fit well in the story.
I do wish the story had been a bit longer. There were some gaps of time between a few chapters that skimmed over actions I would have liked to read in more detail. This is the main reason I did not give this book five stars. Even though I got my copy as an ARC, I do recommend you read ‘Heart’s Surrender’. It is a beautifully sweet romance you don’t want to miss.


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