The Neighbor – A Review



‘The Neighbor’ by Gerri Hill is the story of Laura Fry, an unemployed writer with a horrible case of writer’s block who goes to live with her invalid mother to help care for her, and Cassidy Anderson, a successful businesswoman who has built a vacation home complete with an in ground pool just behind Laura and her mother. Cassidy has parties almost every weekend and each weekend brings new “friends” to her house. All of these parties and women make Laura think of her as the “nympho lesbian” neighbor, but is she really? Or is Cassidy just searching in the wrong places for a soulmate? And will she find that soulmate at her parties or maybe at the neighbor’s house?

Gerri Hill is one of my favorite authors and she has created another winning love story with ‘The Neighbor’. I read this story through the Audible version and really enjoyed the spoken story. Nicol Zanzarella is the narrator, and she did an excellent job narrating the story. I smiled all the way through the reading. The story is cute, romantic, funny and just plain heartwarming. I highly recommend this book in whatever format you prefer to read.


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