Infinite Loop – A Review



Infinite Loop by Meghan O’Brien is one of my absolute favorite books. I actually bought this book about six months ago, and as I was reading it again ( for the third time) I realized I had never reviewed it. That was a serious lapse that had to be rectified.

The story is about two people who are beautiful inside and out, but who have demons from their pasts that are still affecting them to this day. The story is about them meeting, coming together as a couple and growing closer as they learn to love, help, and trust each other. It is the perfect example of a feel good romance.

I love this story (as you can tell from my reading the book over and over). It is just such a lovely romance. There are some steamy sex scenes throughout the novel. Meghan O’Brien is an expert at writing steamy sex scenes, but these are more than just sex. They are love scenes and you can feel it as you read the story.

Infinite Loop has my highest recommendation and is worth at least five stars. Make sure you read this one.


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