Chemistry~A Review

I do adore ice queens and the beautiful, strong women who can melt their hearts. If you love novels that have this trope, then you are going to be enchanted with Chemistry by Rachael Sommers.

This is a contemporary romance set mostly in a high school in a suburban town near Chicago. First year teacher Lily Cross is here to teach biology when she meets fellow chemistry teacher Dr. Eva Thomas. Lily knew that as a new teacher she would have to work hard to win over her students in class. She had no idea until she met Eva that she would have to work even harder to win over her fellow science teacher. There is friction as well as (ahem) chemistry between the two immediately, and we all know what can happen when friction and certain elements of chemistry combine. Let’s just say the reaction can be explosive in many ways.

This is a superbly written enemies-to-lovers romance with engaging characters, both main and secondary. The setting is very realistic, especially the classroom scenes. Really, the overall teaching experience written about here is spot on for this age group and the area the school is set in. Eva is a true ice queen, intelligent, beautiful and dedicated to her work and students, but at the same time aloof, withdrawn, prickly and downright rude to those around her, especially Lily.  Lily is the perfect foil for Eva’s character. She is equally beautiful, intelligent and dedicated, but she has that fresh, “I can meet this challenge” attitude about her that makes her a great teacher. At the same time, it grates on Eva’s last nerve. This creates the ultimate scenario for a slowly melting ice queen.

The author did a fabulous job creating the characters, the setting, and the amazing love story of these two people. I enjoyed every page in this story, and didn’t want it to end. I was that engaged with the tale and the characters. I know you will feel the same when you read this novel. It has my highest recommendation.

I received an ARC from Ylva Publishing for an honest review.


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